Primarox Tablet

Methenolone Acetate is the closest thing man has made to the natural producing steroid testosterone present in the human body.

Why use Primarox?

This compound is used to expedite and promote healthy weight gain, infections, trauma and other cases of malnutrition or when an individual is having substantial trouble gaining weight.  Each Primarox tablet contains 20 mg of Methenolone Acetate and some of the most profound benefits of this tablet are mentioned below:

  • Decreased muscle loss
  • Reduced bone pain that is associated with a variety of conditions such as osteoporosis
  • Cost effective
  • Readily available in the market
  • Can be ordered online
  • Used to treat chronic infections
  • Boosts weight gain

Things to consider before taking Methenolone Acetate

There are certain conditions which might interact with this tablet; we would recommend speaking to your local doctor before starting a dosage. Some of the conditions that might react with Methenolone Acetate are as follows,

  • Women who are pregnant, plan on getting pregnant or are currently breast feeding
  • People who are currently taking any prescription medicine, herbal medicine, dietary supplements and non-prescription medicine
  • People who have certain allergies should also consult with a doctor before starting a dosage
  • People who have high cholesterol
  • People who have high lipid levels or liver problems

Methenolone Acetate

The label will have precise instructions on how to consume this tablet, but your doctor will prescribe the recommended dosage. Methenolone Acetate can be consumed with or without eating food and if a dosage is missed, it should immediately adhere to the regular dosage schedule. Please do not take two dosages at the same time and contact your doctor the moment you doubt your dosage schedule.

More things to consider about Methenolone Acetate

Only a certified doctor can help you decide whether taking Methenolone Acetate is a viable choice or not, certain things that should be considered before dosage are mentioned below.

  • Should not be consumed during pregnancy as it may develop male features in the female foetus and cause a variety of other issues
  • Women breast feeding should not consume as it is not known whether this compound can be passed via breast milk
  • Paediatric patients might face a reduced growth speed
  • Increased risk of prostate cancer for the elderly
  • Should not be consumed with any other medicine

Methenolone Acetate Cycle

  1. One dosage a day, never two dosages
  2. Take the missed dosage as soon as possible, never two dosages

How to store Methenolone Acetate

  1. Keep away from children
  2. Keep away from heat and direct light
  3. Do not store in moist environments such as bathrooms or kitchens

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