Testosterone 600 (Super Test)

Testosterone 600 (Super Test)

Testbol 600mg Super Test - 600mg -10ml Vial (£70)


Testbol 600 contains a blend of 3  in 1

Testosterone Cypionate 250mg
Testosterone Enanthate 250mg
Testosterone Propionate 100mg

The Benefits Of

Testosterone Cypionate

To start off, not only does Testosterone Cypionate increase strength and size but also improves metabolic acticvity and nitrogen levels in the blood. Test Cypionate is a naturally produced hormone in males and has a high anabolic and androgenic hormone rate. This is a nice mild format and goes well for beginners just starting out on a newe cycle. One of the most sought after an poular steroids around, Test Cypionate has much more good qualities to it and is great at promotin lean muscle tissue, muscle mass and bone density.


The Benefits Of

Testosterone Enanthate

Typicaly used to treat to treat low Testosterone levels and also andropause, Testosterone Enanthate will generally be used as part of a cycle alongside other steroids. Just like its brother Test Cypionate, Enanthate Increases both Strength and Size and also Increased Muscle Tissue. It has other excellent traits too, such as blocking cortisal which is a hormone that likes to eat away at muscles. Due to this, stored protein in the muscles wont be called on by cortisol and your hard workouts will be safely stored away. Further it is also good at helping to reduce fatwhilst building muscle and enhancing strength.


The Benefits Of

Testosterone Propionate

An excellent Steroid to increase nitorogen retention which in turn enables stored protein in the muscles. Similar to Test E, Tes Propionate also blocks Cortisol and glucocortico making this one of the godfathers of steroids. A well tolerated steroid Test Propionate works well with most people due to the fact that the hormone is naturally produced in the body. This steroid is great for increasing IGF-1 and also helps to increase general recovery times. It is, like its other family, excellent for building strength and muscle mass and also for fat burning properties.



This is a superior choice for building muscle and strength but it is extermely stron and pretty much not for the beginner. Its at a very high dose so only experienced users should attempt to use Testbol 600.

You will notice changes from week 3-4 as all the long esters will kick in after 10-14 days. The experienced user can add some Dianabol and may even want to include some Trenbolone Acetate. If you want to benefit from all thje above then you are making the right choice if you Buy Super Testbol 600mg


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